I have attempted to write this piece 5 times now and it keeps deleting itself! So here goes nothing. Wuthering Heights. The love triangle, the bad boy, the good boy, the tragedy. I’m no literary scholar, just a girl who reads, a lot! Some of it classic literature, some of it philosophical works, and a shameless amount of YA vampire romance. Shameless! I really believe that Emilie Bronte did not know how much her novel would change the romance novel, I’m not talking about the really really trashy ones. Just think vampire diaries, the books, and in part the show. #Delena. Two brothers, one good (ish, it’s a little all or nothing), described as a Saint, reference to his hero hair, has a conscience (sometimes, it’s complicated involving a humanity switch). The other brother, black hair, black eyes (in the books, I KNOW), selfish, manipulates people for fun, but loves Elena, his love for Elena is at times his only redeeming quality, but if we’re talking T.V. Damon his physical appearance does that singlehandedly. Girl melts into wet puddle on the floor. At least both the writers on the show and the book series gave us Delena, bad boy wins. It made me happy, but so much of both endings left me devastated and ugly crying, and that was at least partly down to bad decisions made the writers, not to mention the whole L.J Smith thing. Girl, I’m so mad you couldn’t see your vision through officially! I don’t know how Wuthering Heights ends, whether I’ll feel those bittersweet tears stream down my face as I ugly cry, or whether I’ll just feel bitter, and deeply sad. I’ve read that Wuthering Heights is not a tragic love story, it’s a horror story. I believe I’ve read enough to know that is bullshit. Cathy and Heathcliff have already made me cry those strange tasting tears that I love so much. This is too long already, more thoughts later!


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