A new friend, a new class, country, city,book, house or lover, those Hellos! So easy and uncomplicated, often with no worries attached, the future being a distant concept or theory not to concern yourself with. You have no thoughts of the end, not at the very beginning at least, the first hopeful Hello! The waiting lounge in an airport is my happy place, all is just beginning then. I usually start checking out in the last 20 pages or so when I read a book, no need for heartbreak over fictional characters that way, it’s how I do everything, it’s how I survive. Sometimes I even avoid Hello. I used to avoid Hellos of all different species, if there is no beginning the end can’t kill me. Things have changed, painfully, incrementally I’ve let in people and places and books that will inevitably hurt me. My dog is getting put down tomorrow, and I’m here off and on. Feeling things I know I could block out if I really wanted to. It’s easy just shut it off, withdraw, distance myself from reality. But no, I’m here. I’m staying here.

I love you Foxy. Best furbaby there ever was.


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